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Michelin Star Restaurant Awards

Evian, the top-tier natural mineral water distributed by Titlist, is the official designated water for the world-renowned Michelin Guide, the highest honor in global gastronomy. Evian also serves as a proud partner and is authorized by the Michelin Guide to present the annual "Michelin Stars" awards for outstanding restaurants in Taiwan.
*Image: Michelin three-star restaurant awards -Le Palais

Professional Lectures / Educational Training

Accurate Wine Tasting / Dining Pairing, and Healthy Beverage Knowledge Sharing. We offer comprehensive educational training, lectures, and corporate internal training/guidance programs integrating correct knowledge and the latest information on wine tasting, dining pairings, mineral water, and other health drinks. These programs have been implemented in various settings, such as employee training at hotels like Silks Place Taroko Hotel and Hotel Kuva Chateau. Whether it's basic introductory content or advanced topics, participants can experience a taste of life through engaging and enjoyable courses.

Exhibition Planning / Participation

In addition to participating in various international exhibitions, we customize exclusive exhibition events based on the characteristics of different brands/products, presenting diverse product images and showcasing brand features.
Example: Curating an exhibition for the Italian "Leonardo Da Vinci Winery" - combining Da Vinci's artworks, guiding creative concepts, and extending to a comprehensive plan including label design introductions and wine tasting at the art exhibition and wine-tasting event.

On-Site Sales

Various channels such as Trade Shows organized by international chambers of commerce, popular theme markets/flash events, and themed tasting events at sales locations are diverse platforms for our interaction with customers. In addition to showcasing and recommending quality products on-site, this approach allows us to get closer to consumers and provide comprehensive services to ensure a delightful experience.

*Distribution Channels: Well-known retail chains such as PX Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Mia C'bon, 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, OK, Hi-Life, Farmer's market, Taiwan Fresh Supermarket, Simplemart, and Costco. For more information on our sales services, please feel free to contact us.

Wine Tasting Events

We regularly host various forms of wine tasting events, led by professional wine lecturers who explain tasting techniques, provide insights into the terroir and culture of wines, introduce wine varieties, and offer meal pairing guidance and wine planning.
With clear and accessible explanations, we guide participants on a journey through the wines of different countries, allowing them to experience the beauty of wine in a delightful and approachable way.

Exclusive Events

Yacht Party by Barefoot Winery
The most popular wine yacht party featuring the best-selling wine brand in the U.S., Barefoot Wine. Indulged in 7 award-winning wines, defining the perfect blend of fine wines and breathtaking views at this high-quality party experience.

Special Projects

Brand Tour / Factory Visits

Titlist x World Winery Tour / Evian Factory Visit
Not only sightseeing and tasting fine wines but also the opportunity to visit wineries or the brand's headquarters in person. Experience on-site learning about wine and beverage knowledge, brewing culture, and immerse yourself in the most authentic wine and beverage lifestyle.


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